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How to query a Database

If your intention is building bots to manage your content, chances are that you'll need to retrieve a bunch of pages from a database.

In this small example, we'll get you started on how to query a Notion database, filtering and sorting the page that you want to retrieve.

To query a database you will need your database identifier. It can be retrieved directly from your browser url when you navigate to your database. The url will be something like:`organization-name`/`database-id`?v=`view-id`


Let's say you have this kind of DB:

purchase 11$02/02/2022
purchase 240$01/02/2022
purchase 320$03/02/2022

The example below retrieve the most expensive product since 02/0/2/22.

import zio._
import zio.notion._
import zio.notion.dsl._

object QueryDatabase extends ZIOAppDefault {

def example: ZIO[Notion, NotionError, Unit] = {
val filter: Filter = $"Date".asDate >= LocalDate.of(2022, 2, 2)
val sorts: Sorts = $"Price".descending
val pagination: Pagination = Pagination(1, None) // We only need to retrieve the first item.

for {
database <- Notion.queryDatabase("XXX-YYY-ZZZ", filter combine sorts, pagination)
_ <-
database.results.headOption match {
case Some(page) => Console.printLine(s"The first page is ${}").orDie
case None => Console.printLine("There is no page corresponding to the query").orDie
} yield ()

override def run = example.provide(Notion.layerWith("secret_XyZ")) // Insert your own bearer