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Some Notion endpoints required a Pagination object to work.

You will need to provide this object for the following endpoints:

  • Notion.queryDatabase
  • Notion.retrieveUsers
  • Notion.retrieveBlocks

We need to paginate these endpoints because they can return a huge amount of information. As an example, when you want to retrieve all the users from Notion you may retrieve thousands of different entities. That's why you may have to make several queries to retrieve the whole set of users.

A Pagination object needs two information:

  • How many elements you want to retrieve (Maximum 100 per query)
  • When to start the count (Generally this information is given by the previous query, default is None if you want to start from the beginning)

We also provide endpoints that handle the pagination for you:

  • Notion.queryAllDatabase
  • Notion.retrieveAllUsers
  • Notion.retrieveAllBlocks

However, it can be wise to avoid them in some case. For example if you search for a user in particular, you may want to stop when you find it preventing you to fetch the whole elements.

Notion pagination documentation for more information.