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Cancellable Effects

zio.spark.experimental.CancellableEffect helps you to stop spark jobs.

To this point, it's very difficult to programmatically stop spark jobs, because we don't have a clear handler on the execution.

val df:org.apache.spark.sql.Dataframe = ...

val res:Long = df.count() // No handler

There are some solution in Spark using or other things to stop a group of job or a job.

We could take some effort to have a better handler on each job, however it may create uncontrolled stability in the library.

Instead, we have a wrapper, using the zio.Executor from ZIO to make some jobs cancellable :

import zio.spark.experimental.CancellableEffect

val df:zio.spark.sql.Dataset = ...

val getRes:RIO[zio.spark.sql.SparkSession, Long] = CancellableEffect.makeItCancellable(df.count)

// it will stop the job after 10 seconds

// it will stop the slowest job (each run is independent)